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Outgoing call blocker

TOB115 is programmable to block outgoing calls to 911, 411, and/or other restricted phone numbers/prefixes. It can also restrict users call allow list phone numbers/prefixes only and intercept the restricted phone numbers that users dial on the telephone keypad and redirect the call to pre-programmed phone number(such as your mobile phone number).
Name Outgoing call blocker Model No. TOB115
Dimension 3.9 x 2.6 x 1 IN Weight 2OZ


  • Homes or institutions with mentally ill individuals

  • Company with abusive staff

  • Prevent to call to restricted phone numbers/prefixes

  • Restrict to call to allow list phone numbers/prefixes only

  • Intercept and redirect calls to pre-programmed number


  • TOB115 can be programmed to block calls to 911, 411, 311 or any other up to 8-digit long number. If the number is longer than 8 digits, you may block numbers with prefix. It can also block all outgoing numbers except the white list numbers.

  • TOB115 can intercept the restricted phone numbers and redirect the call to programmed phone number(e.g. your mobile phone number).

  • Telephone line powered, no need extra power supply or battery.

  • Easy to install and program. Users could program it locally using a standard touch tone phone. LeCall service man could help customers to program the blockers remotely. It is free.

  • Compatible with any regular telephone lines, VoIP landlines, analog PABX/KSU extension lines.

  • System password prevents others changing the programming. If you have changed the system password, please do remember it, or you could NOT reprogram it.

  • The programming would retain even if the dialer is disconnected from phone line.

Disclaimer: In some states, there are laws stating that you can NOT block access to 911 calls.   It's your responsibility to make sure you are not in violation of these laws.

Packing list: TOB115 outgoing call blocker×1; 1meter RJ11 cable×1; User Manual×1.

Warranty: Two years quality warranty.

Technical support

If you have any question about the item, feel free to contact us for support. You can also read the User Manual to fix the problem by yourself.

Download User Manual for TOB115 Outgoing Call Blocker: https://31456435.s21i.faiusr.com/61/ABUIABA9GAAg3bShpwYo_J3gbg.pdf